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Malaysian Aquarium Driftwood

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The Beautiful Malaysian Aquarium Driftwood comes in assorted sizes of 3, 6, 12, and 24 packs. Unlike most other woods, any Malaysian wood bought from Arizona Aquatic Gardens will sink instantly! The super dark wood is ideal for plecos and basewood for attaching plants such as hairgrass, glossostigma, baby tears, java fern, and anubias. Most aquarium wood that is sold initially float and require time to sink. With Arizona Aquatic Gardens your wood will instantly sink. All natural wood will leech out tannins, similar to the teabag effect. They are completely natural and harmless. If you are using your aquarium as a display tank you may not want the tannin to be visible. Over time the tannins will be less obvious due to water changes and wood leeching out. To remove the tan or brown color you can use products to pull the color out of your tank and polish your water to give it a very clean look. Products include Boyd’s Chemi Pure Elite or API ChemiZorb. Arizona Aquatic Gardens doesn’t ship wood pre “marinated” due to the cost of the weight from being water-logged. To culture or “marinate” your wood, try API Stress-Zyme Plus. Be sure that there is some aquarium salt content to curb any fungus growth on your wood. Using Olive Nerite Snails will help you to eat off the garbage that will start to grow on the wood. You can even stack pieces to create gorgeous centerpieces!

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