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Catfish – Marble Achara Catfish


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Achara Cat, Leiarius marmoratus, Marbled Pim, Marmor-Prachtantennenwels, Sailfin Pimeloid

Native to: Rio Maranon & Rio Napo, Amazon Basin
Size: Up to 31.5″ in wild
pH 5.8 – 7.4
Temp: 69.8 – 77°F

You dont see these catfish everyday! This is a great treat for the rare collector. As the Marbled Achara catfish matures it should be fed less often and even periods of fasting will maintain the fishes health, as well as provide the aquarist a more active pet! Feed large pellets, feeder fish, frozen crab or shrimp for favorites. Provide large, thick branches or driftwood roots to provide cover. An open area for night time exercise should also be offered. This is a Peaceful, although care should be taken to house with appropriately sized tankmates.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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