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Winter Hardy Pond Marginal Bog Plant – Aquatic Monkey Flower (Lavender) or Mimulus ringens

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Monkey flowers come in different colors but they are highly variable.  The lavender Monkey Flower may grow from six inches to three feet in height.  It grows throughout North America but it isn’t as cold tolerant as other species.  It has purple flowers that are about 1.5″ in size.  It grows in part to full shade in moist soil or water up to 1″ deep.  Another cultivar of this plant (Richard Bish) has gold splashes on its foliage and is very striking, even when not in bloom.  Both are sunny additions to your pond or water feature.

Minimum quantity for “Monkey Flower (Lavender) or Mimulus ringens Bog Plant” is 6.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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