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Nymphaea ‘Moonbeam’ Day Blooming Water Lily

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Nymphaea ‘Moonbeam’

Owners that place a special value on beauty will surely adore the Blue Green Moonbeam Day Blooming Lily.  Interestingly, the name “Moonbeam” was inspired by soft yellow and blue colors that are reminiscent of a moonbeam on a warm summer night.

This Nymphaea ‘Moonbeam’ was a chance seedling, and has been around since 2005.  What makes it special is its beautiful color and special shape.  In fact, the petals have a unique inward curve that provides the flower with some texture, and makes it a great background addition to green pads.

Minimum quantity for “Blue Green Moonbeam or Nymphaea ‘Moonbeam’ Day Blooming Water Lily For Sale” is 3.

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