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Lake Quillwort Octopus Plant Isoetes lacustris Aquarium Plant


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Octopus Plant

Isoetes lacustris

aka: Lake Quillwort, Rivnenskyi lacustris, Rivnenskyi calamaria

The Octopus plant is true submersible aquatic plant native to the South Eastern part of the US.  It requires moderate to high lighting to thrive in the aquarium and is not considered a difficult species to grow.  The plant can also be planted shoreline in any pond or waterway as well.  It is a softer but somewhat firm or almost succulent leaved plant that will grow about 12 inches tall in idea conditions underwater.  Each plant is sold bare-rooted.

Minimum quantity for “Octopus Plant or Lake Quillwort Isoetes lacustris” is no less than 12.