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Orange Chromide Freshwater Aquarium Fish


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Chaetodon maculatus, Etroplus maculatus, Red Chromide

The Orange Chromide make a great community fish since they are so peaceful. These timid fish need places to hide in because they need peaceful retreats to develop their attractive colors.

Freshwater aquariums can sustain these fish, however they will look more colorful and be healthier in a Brackish salt water environment. Chromide can live to about eight years, if cared for properly.

These fish can also come in a pale, almost white color or reddish-orange. Feeding them coloring food, such as NLS Ultra Red, for about ten days makes their colors brighter! The original orange strain has a slightly elongated body, and is yellow to bright orange in color with several rows of small red-orange spots. The lower section can sometimes be a black color, the belly is generally light orange, and the fins are almost transparent with a slight orange tint.

Want to breed your own? Be sure to follow these tips:

• Additional salt initiates spawning
• Increase the temperature
• Raise the fry on Artemia nauplii and roftiers or New Life Spectrum Fry Formula

Food and house-keeping tips:

• Algae, Brine shrimp, other crustraceans, Tubifex, flakes, pellets
• Temp: 70-85°F
• pH Range 7-9
• Hardness 5°-30°
• Natural Habitat: Asian brackish water rivers and lagoons

PLEASE NOTE: This is a colonizing fish that does best in large numbers, so we cannot sell or ship this fish by itself. Min qty 3

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