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Peacock Gudgeon or Tateurndina ocellicauda



Eye-Spot Sleeper, Peacock Goby, Rainbow Gudgeon, Tateurndina ocellicauda

Native to: Eastern Papua New Guinea

pH: neutral (7)

Hardness: anything below 7dH

Temp: 72-79° F

KH 5-12

Max. Size: 2½”

This is not a true Brackish water fish although it looks like it would be!  This is a simple to grow gorgeous fish that is freshwater and perfect for beginners to even the advanced aquarist! The Peacock Gudgeon seems to enjoy or at least tolerate the addition of salt (up to 1/4 tsp per gallon) but is not necessary.  Listed under brackish fish only due to it’s behavior and body shape similar to other gobies.

Appreciates regualar water changes

Peacock Gudgeon or Tateurndina ocellicauda is a small and colorful fish native to lowland rivers & ponds in New Guinea. It does not belong to the true Goby family Gobiidae. It is instead a member of the Sleeper Goby family, Eleotridae, and a close relative of the Flat Head Sleeper, the Empire Gudgeon and the Snakehead Gudgeon. You can distinguish true gobies from sleeper gobies by looking at the pelvic fins. If the fins are separate, you are looking at sleeper gobies. If the fins are more or less fused you are looking at true gobies from the family Gobiidae.

Peacock Gudgeons are a striking fish as it sports sky blue, bright red & vivid yellow colors. It is decorated with bars, spots and a checkered pattern. This is a peaceful fish that can be kept in community aquariums. In addition to this, it has been successfully bred in captivity and has an interesting fry rearing behavior.

Males are noticeably bigger than the females and have much bigger heads, however, during the breeding period the eggs inside the female will make her very plump. Both sexes have a sky blue overall coloration and are decorated with bright red vertical bars which can be broken or checkered. They will also display a dark spot at the base of the caudal peduncle and have a yellow streak on the unpaired fins. The unpaired fins of the male have more red rays over a blue background, while the female shows a more defined yellow streak in her fins. In females, the belly will be of a pale yellow shade.

This peaceful fish can be housed together with other peaceful species. They will inhabit the bottom of the aquarium and rarely venture any higher. If you want to obtain a pair, you need to purchase 8 or more and let them grow up together.

The Peacock Gudgeon loves a planted aquarium that proviges plenty of hiding spots. Use plants such as Java fern and Java moss, and include several small up-side-down flower pots that can be used as spawning sites. A coconut shell with a narrow entrance will also be appreciated.

Tateurndina ocellicauda is not particularly fussy when it comes to food. Feed Brine shrimp, freeze dried bloodworms, and suitable pellet foods. When this fish grows really big, it will develop a taste for big foods. A varied and protein rich diet is always recommended, but will be even more important if you want your fish to breed.

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