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We Love Algae!!!

Panda Loach
Protomyzon pachychilus
Yaoshania pachychilus
The Panda loach has been placed currently in the new genus Yaoshania, so the full scientific name is now Yaoshania pachychilus.

The beautiful Panda loach, is a species of gastromyzontid loach endemic to mountain streams in Jinxiu County, Guangxi in China. This species grows to a length of a little over 2″ (5.8 c). Youngsters of this species: black and white rings and a black nose. Fully grown Panda loaches loose this pattern and get a brownish and greyish coloration as on the 2nd pic.

Temperature: Its natural waters lie in a humid, subtropical region where air temperatures rarely drop below 60°F/15.5°C and may be much higher in summer. For general care 68 – 75°F/20 – 23.9°C is therefore recommended but it should withstand warmer conditions on a temporary basis provided dissolved oxygen levels are sufficiently high.

pH: 6.5 – 7.5
Hardness: 36 – 268 ppm
Diet: Much of the natural diet is likely to be composed of algae plus associated micro-organisms. Panda Loaches will accept good-quality dried foods and meatier items like live or freeze dried bloodworm but may suffer internal problems if the diet contains excessive protein. Allow them to eat algae and not overfeed but 3x per week.

Best to stock these fish in colonies, as singles and pairs are not the proper way to keep these very social fish. You can stock up to 1 of these species per gallon with no issue and best life. Order today!

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