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Tropical Pond Marginal Bog Plant – Papyrus Dwarf or Cyperus isocladus

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Dwarf Papyrus or Cyperus isocladus Bog Plant

pronounced – (Pup-pie-rus)

This relative of the much larger Nile Grass Papyrus is a native of Southern Africa. Unlike traditional Papyrus, the Dwarf Papyrus grown to a maximum height of only about 12 inches to 36″ depending on how you prune it. It has a greenish yellow stems and bunches or plumes at the top. The Dwarf Papyrus requires damp conditions making it a good choice for bog and pond environments. Arizona Aquatic Gardens offers this and many other bog aquatic plant life to bring your water garden to life.

You will love these plants, shipped in small 2″ plastic containers shipped about 1 foot tall plus. These are real nice, you will not be disappointed!


Minimum quantity for “Papyrus Dwarf or Cyperus isocladus Bog Plant” is 3.

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