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Mangroves for sale

Red Mangrove

Rhizophora mangle

Red Mangroves! 
Ideal for those that want plants growing OUT of their Aquariums, Betta Vases, HOB Filters, or sump-systems to create your natural freshwater refugium filter! If you have a hang-on back filter, you can remove the lid and install avg 6 to 10 plants right into the flow chamber! Mangroves roots serve as nurseries for many fish & invertebrates when planted directly into an aquarium while filtering the water naturally and pulling nitrates out constantly!

Rhizophora mangle is known as the red mangrove and is distributed in estuarine ecosystems throughout the tropics. Its viviparous “seeds” in actuality are called propagules and become fully mature plants before dropping off the parent tree. These are dispersed by water until eventually embedding in the shallows.

Very few plants can survive in saltwater but the Red Mangrove is one of them that does excellent! Red Mangroves can remove a large amount of Nitrates in your refugium, as well as chemical contaminants.

Red Mangroves don’t go sexual or respire like macro algae will.  They present less risk to your systems pH balance, and have become popular with many aquarists, both in freshwater and in marine systems. With proper trimming the plant can spend years in your refugium, sump, or aquarium. Larger plants will need an open top to continue to grow. Many hobbyists and zoological designers are beginning to add Red Mangroves to their display tanks as they want to mimic nature as closely as possible while providing a habitat for their fish who will spend a large portion of time swimming in and out of the tree’s roots. The Dwarf Planaxis Snail, the Cerith Snail and many others love Mangroves and will quickly burrow around the tree’s root system.

Use in Freshwater habitats, Saltwater Aquarium systems, Aquaponics systems, Pond Bog shorelines, Sumps, Waterfall basins and more!

You are buying real living growing plants usually 8 to 12 inches tall that have already been growing upright in 5″ deep water. At this stage they are very easy to continue growing. In the beginning of our mangrove season around August, your plants may or may not have leaves jut yet, but don’t worry, they produce leaves rapidly after they get settled into their new habitat. Closer to the end of our mangrove season, plants may have several leaves on them.

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