Crab – Patriot Crab

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Native to: West Africa, Nigeria
Max Size: typically 3″ but 4″ not out of line. 6″
arm per side also reported, but not proven.
Life Span: about 5-6 yrs
Temperature: versatile 75 – 85 just perfect
Water: This crab will actually do well in both freshwater or brackish water, there is no difference, and do just fine in both.

The Jumbo Patriot Crab, also known as the Soap Dish Crab or the Rainbow Crab, is an interesting member of the species that comes from regions throughout West Africa. This crab can grow to be anywhere from 3”-6” and has a lifespan of about five years. This playful crab enjoys hiding and scavenging, and will add a unique appeal to your tank with its American colors. You can expect this crab to thrive in either brackish or freshwater. For more details contact Arizona Aquatic Gardens!

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