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Cory - Peppered Paleatus Cory Catfish



  • Size: up to 1″ – 1.7″
  • pH: 6 – 8
  • dH: 2 – 25
  • Temp: 72 – 78 F,
  • Origin: South America: Parana River Basin and coastal rivers in Uruguay and Brazil.
  • Food: New Life Spectrum “Small Fish Formula” or “H20 Stable Wafers” found at Fish Foods

This is a very simple to keep Cory that qualify as another small species. These are a gentle, easy to breed catfish that will scavenge the bottom of your aquarium for left-over food. They will not harm your plants and should be kept in schools.  Colors vary from season to season.

Size at shipping: about the length of a dime to Quarter. SHIPS GREAT!

Please order no less than 3