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Cory - Skunk Cory Catfish



Skunk Cory Catfish

Corydoras arcuatus

Size: up to 1.5″
pH: 7.0
dH: 10
Temp: 76 – 82 F
Origin: South America

Skunk Corys are a very peaceful & easy to breed catfish that will scavenge the bottom of your aquarium for left-overs. They will not harm your plants. Skunk Corys are not easy to find in this hobby. Will do best in larger groups/schools. Based on it discernible black and white appearance, it’s unsurprising to learn that this fish is called the Skunk Cory Catfish. They feed off food that falls to the bottom of your aquarium, making them the kings and queens of leftovers! Generally speaking, these fish do best in large schools, so we would recommend keeping them in at least groups of 6.

Size at shipping: appx 1″+. SHIPS GREAT!