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Pogostemon Erectus Potted Plant


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Green Hindi Willow, Pogostemon erectus, Southwestern India

  • Native to: Southwestern India
  • Stem width: 5-6cm (2-2.5in)
  • Can Be Grown Emerged

Pogostemon erectus was introduced initially as Rotala verticillaris, but has since been identified as a Pogostemon species and not a Rotala.  Its size and habit is similar of Pogostemon stellatus.  It can be grown emerged or submerged and in both hard and soft water as long as enough free Co2 is supplied.  Growth depends strongly on your fertilizing practices: Plenty of nitrogen will promote strong growth.  P. erectus will respond well to daily doses of high nitrogen fertilizers.  Its growth will be lush, fast and dense!  The Pogostemon erectus forms compact groups of bright green, conifer-like stems.  Pogostemon erectus is suitable as a background plant and creates a wonderful focal point in both smaller and larger groupings.  Intense light helps the plant to stay compact for a longer period.

This plant is a moderate grower and has a vigorous root system.  Right now we are only shipping a 2″ potted form.