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Freshwater Angelfish – Pterophyllum Leopoldi Angelfish Peru Altum Red-Spotted (False Altum)


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Latin: undescribed species or subspecies to the regular angelfish

Peru Altum Red-Spotted (False Altum)

This is a very rare Angelfish rarely seen in the trade. Not too often will we offer these Angels for sale. This Angelfish species is native to the Amazon River between Manacapuru and Santarém, Essequibo River & Rupununi River. It is distinguished from other members of the Pterophyllum genus by the absence of a pre-dorsal notch & by the presence of a black blotch at the dorsal insertion on the 4th vertical bar. P. leopoldi is the smallest of the angelfish species reaching a length of about 5 centimetres (or 2″ in) and the most aggressive angelfish which can hold it’s own quite well with tankmates of aggressive behavior, it will be fine.

Debates, Disputes & Beliefs
There are a lot of open disputes as to the number of “true” Altum species that are out there. Some people feel that many “Scalare” might actually be a bunch of different species, sort of like Festivums and Severums, where each of these “former” species are now broken up into separate species, not sub-species.

Eimeki is a synonym of Scalare

Kullander, Dumerilii is also a synonym of Scalare

Dumerilii is really a Leopoldi

Leopoldi is a Peruvian Angel

Pterophyllum are a long bodied Angelfish possibly related to Mesonauta (the Festivums)

Cross-breeding Angels is not the same thing as creating a hybrid, and shouldnt be released within a range of other species.

Only Large size available

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