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Freshwater Angelfish – Pterophyllum Scalare Black Angelfish domestic Black Raven


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Pterophyllum Scalare Black Angelfish Freshwater

Black Raven Angel

This is our farm-raised US, (non-import) Black Angelfish.  This variety is called the Black Raven because of it’s sleek and beautiful body color. These are not available but a couple times a year as we approach springtime so order today.

Optimal Aquarium Setup: Angelfish prefer a well-planted tank of at least 10 gallons . Offering Angels with soft, slightly acidic water Ph at 7.0 or less will provide your angels with an environment optimum for successful breeding. Angelfish can also be raised in hard alkaline water where our water in Arizona is commonly in the high 8’s out of the tap. Over time as your tank biotope ages especially with the monthly addition of beneficial microbial bacteria, your pH values will naturally drop.  Rocks and driftwood should be added to the aquarium, but leave plenty of space for swimming in the front area such as a feeding meadow of short grasses such as Micro Swords and Crypt plugs. Ideal plant choice for heavily planted background to offer refuge for your angelfish would be tall grasses like Vals, Sag, or even Apons.

Diet: A variety of foods including meaty foods, like freeze-dried bloodworms.  Angels will eat algae if they run out food, so overfeeding is not encouraged!  If you go on vacation for a week or so, leave them alone, they’ll find things in your tank to eat such as microorganisms. Algae will be one of the first things they eat.

Angelfish are a tropical fish, so keep your temps 73 or higher. Ideally about 777-78 for most of the year except when we get into summer you will want to start bumping your temps up a degree or so each month to encourage breeding and spawning. Angels can tolerate short periods of cold, where Discus could not. Angels will be interested in spawning as you bring water temps up as high as 84 or 85 during peak temps of the year, this will provide the young frye with the needed warmth to metabolize/ grow quickly.  Offer your frye as well as your adult angels a mix of Freeze Dried Daphnia and Smartemia for optimum health.

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