Red-Spot Sword Echinodorus x. Ozelot Monster Mother Aquarium Plant


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We don’t know where to start with the Ozelot Red-Spot Monster Mother Sword plant. This hybrid between the E. Schlueteri and E. Barthii is sure to never disappoint, growing higher than 15 inches with no less than 15 leaves to marvel each and every one of your guests. We usually sell this plant in 4 or 5 inch pots, just to give it the room it needs and deserves to grow into its full potential. Oh, and we forgot to mention: we’re selling it for 28% lower than the normal price. You know, just because.

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Red-Spot Ozelot Loose Medium, GREEN Ozelot Loose Medium, Large Red-Spot Ozelot, Red-Spot Ozelot Potted Form, NEW! Green Ozelot Potted Form, NEW! Green Ozelot Potted Form XLG

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