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Red Texas Flowerhorn Cichlid



  • Size: up to 8 – 12″
  • pH: 7 – 8 (ideal 7.8)
  • dH: 10o
  • Temp:72-79F
  • Origin: South America
  • Chemicals: Black Water Expert found at Aquarium Chemicals
  • Food: New Life Spectrum “Jumbo Fish” found at Fish Foods

This beautiful hybrid Red Texas Flowerhorn Cichlid is an intergeneric hybrid of Herichthys and Amphilophus parents.  Breeders only available on rare occasion, starting price $350.00 from our farm. (pictured is a breeder size Red Texas). Competitors have them in the $600+ ea price IF you can convince them to sell.

Right now we are offering small & medium sizes only (usually about 2″+).  Grow them out yourself, and allow them to color up.  We suggest using Ultra Red Food for maximum natural coloration!  These are a fun and rare fish.  Grow out in groups since they will co-exist fine in larger colonies, plus this way you will be able to have potential breeders down the road and boys/girls to choose from.

We’ve found that using New Life Spectrum Ultra Red fish food will greatly enhance and improve the color on these fish significantly, naturally without hormones. See Related Items below to add to your order now!

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Juvenile about 2"

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