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Red Devil Cichlid Freshwater Fish



Amphilophus citrinellus, Amphilophus labiatus

Temp: 72-77° F
pH 6.8-7.2
Max. Size: 12″
Diet: Omnivore
Origin: Farm-Raised in US

Red Devil cichlids are often referred to as Midas Cichlids. The Red Devil’s main background color is usually a peach-apricot to yellow, and many with bright red coloration, sometimes having a white underside or Koi-like patterns on their bodies. Their fins are often white or highlighted white. The Red Devil requires a larger tank of 50 gallons +  with plenty of room to swim as well as large stones for hiding. The Red Devil has an aggressive personality so choose tankmates carefully. The Red Devil will grow from 12″ up to 18″ inches in large aquariums maybe 8″ in a smaller tank.
The males have a very dominant forehead hump similar to those of Flowerhorn Cichlids. We keep, farm and raise our Red Devils in large groups with many other Red Devils of all sorts of sizes from young babies to mature breeding adults. These are great as aquarium pets. Having a group of these in a large tank at your home or office is always fun as these fish will always be happy to see you, act like you’re starving them, and visit you at the front of the glass at every opportunity when you are near. If you want privacy, forget these guys.  If you want company…ALL THE TIME….Buy them!

Getting the hump on the head takes time, but begins forming somewhere around the 2nd year of life, perhaps sooner depending on how much of a sucker you are by giving in to their feeding requests of 30 times a day.
(do not do this, please understand our humor is completely sarcastic)
The Red Devil is an omnivore. They prefer a balanced diet of foods such as Cichlid pellets, quality flake food, and occasional brine shrimp or freeze-dried bloodworms.   Buying 1 is discouraged as they will live a long happier life in a group with all their friends and family.  Kinda like humans!


We ship a typical juvenile size at 2″+ sometimes bigger but we do not ship the big guys that are 4″ or more generally, they’ll just rip the bags. Feed ’em, they’ll grow fast enough!

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