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Pleco – Leopard Cactus or Redtail Sternella Pleco L-114



Leopard Cactus or Redtail Sternella Pleco L-114

Pseudacanthicus cf. leopardus L-114  

MAX Size: up to 15 inches in Wild or Large Exhibit (but could take many years) typical grown in smaller tanks about 4″

Temp: 74-79F

pH: 6.5-7.5

kH 6-10

Origin: Rivers of Venezuela, South America

Redtail Sternella Pleco L-114 is a stunning, Pleco that is easy to care for granted you do not treat the water with medications. The medications become concentrated in the algae, and when the fish eats these, it often is poisoned to death. These fish are also subject to intestinal disease if not fed the proper diet.  This species grows very slowly and is sensitive to changes in water chemistry. These plecos often suffer from malnutrition and as a result are hollow-bellied. Thus it is important to offer them high-fiber foods in order for them to thrive. Feeding the New Life Spectrum Wafers and supplement with frozen or fresh spinach leaf will keep them strong! The Redtail Sternella Pleco L-114 offers stunning color pattern and marvelous disposition.

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