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Pleco – Chocolate Rhino Pleco


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The Chocolate Rhino Pleco Fish, or Pterygoplichthys scrophus, is unique in many ways. Aside from its horn-like protrusions and alligator-esq ridges throughout it’s entire body, this fish can also be identified by the more than 10 rays in it’s dorsal fin. As a jumbo fish, it can reach sizes of at least 4” or more. The colors can range from a rich brown, to an almost black/dark brown color. While preferring deeper sections of the aquarium, these fish are generally peaceful but can become aggressive if they don’t have their own space.

These fish are an adaptable omnivore that will eat a variety of foods, such as algae, pellet foods, algae wafers, various vegetables, and freeze dried foods.

Size at shipping: About 2″+

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