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Minnow – Rosy Red Minnow



Rosy Red Fathead Minnow

aka Fathead Minnows, Blackhead Minnows

Pimephales promelas

  • Temperament: Social and active community fish
  • Swimming Level: Top to Mid level
  • Experience Level: Beginner

Optimal Aquarium Setup: Most common setups will work as they are moderately hardy and quite tolerant of turbid, low-oxygenated water. These fish prefer a temperature of 10 – 21 C (50 – 70 F) and a pH range of 7.0 – 7.5

Diet: They will accept almost any type of food.

Origin, Appearance and additional notations: They are native to North America. This minnow has also been introduced to many other areas via bait bucket releases. In nature they can be found in muddy ponds and streams that might otherwise be inhospitable to other species of fish. They can also be found in small rivers. In its wild form, it is generally a dull olive-grey in appearance, with a dusky stripe extending along the back and side, and a lighter belly.

Both sexes of this strain have a rosy-golden body and fins. This species of temperate, freshwater fish, is a very common feeder fish ,however, they are becoming more popular as an ornamental fish since the discovery of the color morph and their low cost.

They will have a life span of approximately 2 years if they have spawned (They can be bred in an aquarium.). They have the potential of living up to 4 years if they have not spawned.

Minimum quantity for “Minnow – Rosy Red Minnow or Fathead Minnow” is 12.

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