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Flowerhorn Cichlid - Show Quality Flowerhorn Cichlids

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The Flowerhorn Cichlid is a more than ideal fish for those of you who are looking for a unique and rather large cichlid. This fish is great with other fish and often friendly and is very interested in its environment. Those who end up purchasing one of thses incredible fish fall in love. This hybrid of the Cichlid is one of the most stunning and eye catching results of cichlid interbreeding, and has introduced quite a stir in the aquarium hobby. Cichlids tend to not be picky breeders and will breed with another fish of the opposite sex whether it is of the same species or just another cichlid. This promiscousity has resulted in the amazing development of a fairly large variety of cichlid hybrids, usually with fascinating results.

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Fly Neon Dragon Flowerhorn, Red Warrior Flowerhorn, Humphead Flowerhorn, Super Pearl Flowerhorn, Super Red Dragon Flowerhorn