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The Mixed Discus Fish come from a family farm in Vietnam. These discus fish are known for being very high quality fish! Hence, many other companies charge $129.00 each while we only charge a fraction. As time goes on your fish will become more colorful, especially when using color enhancing foods. When using color enhancing foods you will notice a change in just 10 days.

Their coloration will change depending on mood, health, time of year, and diet. If you notice your fish being a very picky eater we strongly suggest to supplement feeding with bloodworms. This will encourage a healthy appetite. Pablo Teepot, the manufacturer of NLS food, also suggests using some New Life Spectrum Discus Formula. When the Discus are under stress of in water temperature below 72 degrees F they will turn very dark and may even stop eating. The Singpaore Mixed Fancy Colors have a minimum purchase of 15 fish. Colors include Blues, Reds, Pigeonbloods, Red Eahles, Yellow Pandas, Red Velvets, and many more! No color choosing.

Discus Mixed Packs: This indicates that the above fish are sold in Mixed Packs Only, NOT individually. You will be receiving fish of assorted colors, unless otherwise noted. Colors include Blues, Reds, Pigeonbloods, Red Eagles, Yellow Pandas, Red Velvets, etc. No color choosing. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Compare our fabulous low prices to competitors at $69 – $139 EACH!

Minimum quantity for “Assorted Mixed Discus – Singapore Mixed Fancy Colors” is 3.

Shipping size currently around 2.5 – 3″

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