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Freshwater Discus

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Our company offers a variety of quality Discus species and color varieties from trusted family-owned farms that our own family has dealt with for 20 plus years! You can trust in the excellent quality of discus we import for you will be in superb health before they ship to your door. General; shipping size for all of our discus are about 2″ at time of shipping, unless otherwise noted within the description. Our company is generous, and we are always proud to ship these fish to our customers! Our farm-raised stock is guaranteed to make you happy that you didn’t overpay for your quality fish.

We generally bring in Discus from 3 fish farms (plus fry from South Am): Thailand, Vietnam, & Singapore. As a rule (but not always the case depending on the particular farmer) Thailand Discus tend to be more colorful (usually due to hormone additives). Discus from Vietnam and Singapore tend to be more naturally grown without the use of hormones. So, although they may appear more drab initially, as time goes on, especially with the use of color enhancing foods, they will become more colorful. New Life Spectrum and Cobalt brand offer a wonderful naturally color-enhancing formula that is hormone-free with a noticeable difference in fish vibrancy in just 10 days. Other discus we bring in are natural or brown discus as frye from South America and hand raise here until they are about 2″, then we ship out to you. There are not a lot of companies that care as much as we do, and we assure your happiness with your purchase.

WHEN YOUR NEW DISCUS ARRIVE: It is always best to keep lights off the aquarium for the 1st day when acclimating. It also helps to not sit & stare at your new fish the first week or so….they really need to get used to the surroundings and will eventually warm up to you. So, avoid doing your morning exercise routine in front of the tank during this time (happy face)! We don’t want to stress out the fish, if they stress out, they’ll lose their protective slime coating on their body and they will die (this goes for ALL fish, especially Tetras which are extra sensitive, moreso than Discus), so be calm when hanging out around the tank, later on, you can carry on as usual, and your fish will be excited to see you in hopes of you offering food. Keep the temp at about 82 or 83 initially, and feed only FREEZE DRIED (not frozen, EVER) bloodworms at first. This is a comfort food that is high in protein and then you should start offering New Life Spectrum Ultra Red formula or Cobalt foods to bring out the color and increase their Vitamin B complex and Amino Acid intake. Offer small amounts at feedings, do not overdo it on food like us humans, theyll be fine if they eat small amounts for the 1st few weeks, they will scavenge and forage when you aren’t looking. Fish DO NOT have stomachs! So they don’t get full like you and I, so don’t try to feed until they are full, again, just small amounts of food. We want our fish to always act hungry, this is a good sign they are healthy! Voracious appetites are good, sluggish fat fish are not healthy! Lastly, your Discus must have some place to hide, so lots of plants are the best such as Amazon Swords and Vallisneria grasses, but large rocks & wood help as well! Consider raising your Discus with Tetras!! Your Tetras will start a feeding frenzy when you feed, and will entice & encourage your discus (which are usually more shy and less inclined to eat), to join the feast! Click here for our Tetras page 

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