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Catfish – Striped Raphael Catfish



The Striped Raphael Catfish, Platydoras costatus originally from South America, is a larger catfish that boasts beautiful black and white striped markings. While very easy to care for, some attention should be paid when netting the fish, as they do have thorny defensive spines that could cause damage.

Preferring aquariums of 20 gallons or more, these fish do best in community aquariums with fish of similar demeanor. Keep these fish in well-planted aquariums with driftwood and rocks for hiding.

Family: Doradidae
Size: under 7”
Minimal tank volume: 200 litre (53 US gal)
Temperature: 68 – 82.4 F
pH tolerance: 5,8 – 7,5
Water hardness tolerance: 2 – 18 dKH
Floor water column: bottom
Life span: 12 years
Behavior: peaceful
Care level: easy
Feeding: omnivore

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