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Succulents – Stapelia Grandiflora or Giant Toad Plant Cutting



Cactus & Succulents

Stapelia Grandiflora or Giant Toad Plant Cutting

Sold as 1 cutting:  3″- 6″

These plants are easy to grow from cuttings and are easy to care for.

Stapeila are easy to propagate from stem cuttings
Just cut or snap off a mature stem, let it air-dry in bright light for several days to allow the cut end to callous over to prevent too much water from entering the stem when planted. Plant the cutting in your favorite fast-draining mix

All Cacti and succulents are shipped with bare roots, without soil or pots, unless otherwise noted.

Please note that photos are for illustrative purposes only. You may not receive the exact same plant as photographed when you order unless specifically marked. We will include a plant in similar size, shape, color, and maturity.

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