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Tanganyikan Black Calvus Cichlid



Tanganyikan Black Calvus Cichlid

Tanganyikan Calvus Cichlid

Altolamprologus calvus “black”
Temp: 72-82° F
KH 10-20
pH 7.8-9.0
Max. Size: 6″

The Calvus Cichlid is native to the Southwestern rocky coastal waters of Lake Tanganyika in Africa. This species is very slow growing, taking over 6 months to reach only 1.5″ long, and 2 years+ to reach sexual maturity. That’s a very slow growing fish! Their bodies are very thin and compact and are a dark black color w many small white spots. Their sloping forehead and large mouth gives them a sinister look.

The Calvus Cichlid can be housed in an aquarium of at least 30 gals if in a species aquarium, and a larger aquarium if maintained with other smaller Tanganyikan cichlids. Calvus cichlids will appreciate plenty of rocks, shells and driftwood.

The Calvus Cichlid is a shell spawner and breeding is more difficult than most of the cichlids. The males are typically larger than the females.

Offer plenty of empty shells for the female to lay their eggs on. Incubation occurs in 3 to 4 days. To increase their survival rates, move the young frye to a separate aquarium after hatched.

The Calvus’ diet should contain meaty foods such as blood worms, shrimp, carnivore flake & pellet foods.

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