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Serrasalmidae – Tiger Silver Dollar


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Max size: 13 cm/5 inches
Native to: South American Amazon basin
Temperament: Peaceful
Temp: 22-26˚C / 72-79˚F
pH 5.0 – 7.0

The Tiger Silver Dollar is suitable for community aquariums and should ideally be kept in a school in a aquarium that is densely planted while offering open areas to swim out. Some specimens of this species may eat plants, so this is why we suggest dense plantings, but you can always leave plants out of your setup although they will approve of the refuge and habitat with plants. We suggest that this fish should always be kept in groups of 10 fishes or more. These are not finicky eaters and will generally eat most foods offered. These are quality farm-raised hand-fed fish. Enjoy and splurge!

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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