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Minnow – White Cloud Mountain Minnow



  • Temperament: Active / Peaceful / Community
  • Max Size: 2″
  • Swimming Level: Upper / Top
  • Experience Level: Easy / Beginner
  • Optimal Aquarium Setup: pH: 6.0-8.0 / Temperature Range 59-85

These fish can be fed most flake and small pellet foods, and well as frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms as treats. We recommend floating or slow-sinking food is a better choice than quick sinking varieties. This species is extinct in the wild but is a very popular aquarium fish and has been for many years! It exists now only in fish farms and hobbyists’ homes.

White Clouds are an extremely hardy fish, and we mean extremely! They can be used as “starter fish” for new aquariums, or can also be raised as a food source for puffers, or other carnivorous fish, or like many, just use them as great schooling fish pets! They are schooling fish that should be kept in larger groups. They can be kept with most other community species like danios, small tetras and rasboras. They are very active swimmers and are constantly moving.

Minimum quantity for “Minnow – White Cloud Mountain Minnow” is 3.

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