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Catfish - Brown Bullhead Catfish or Mud Cats



Catfish – Brown Bullhead Catfish or Mud Cats

A great survivor in muddy and low oxygen fresh water, the Brown Bullhead Catfish (Ameiurus nebulosus) is a great addition to any stock pond. This species enjoys natural live baits making it ideal for anglers.

Similar to its natural cousins the Yellow and Black Bullhead, the Brown Bullhead Catfish thrives in lakes and ponds and is an opportunistic feeder. It’s color and habitat have given the Brown Bullhead a number of nicknames including the “Mud Cat” and “Mud Pout”.

  • Water Type: Fresh Water Species
  • Temperature: Adaptive / Versatile
  • Water pH: 6.5 – 8.2 versatile

Save more by buying more with Arizona Aquatic Gardens. We try to ship these small because they will tear the bags with their sharp dorsal fin when they are shipped as a larger size. Feed ’em, they will grow quickly!

PLEASE NOTE: The Brown Bullhead Catfish is a seasonal species and is only available at select times. We offer a nice hybrid brown bullhead that will grow out with more colors like yellow tones when common browns are not in season.  Both species grow to about 20″ max in the wild, much smaller about 5 to 8″ in an aquarium or small garden pond.


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