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Yellow Rainbowfish Tropical Fish



Native to: Papua New Guinea. Lake Tebera basin located in the Central Highlands of the island
pH: 7.0-8.0. It will not do well in soft, acidic conditions.
Temp: 70-84° F
KH 10-15
pH 7.0-7.9
Max. Size: 4″

M. axelrodi typically inhabits clear waters containing much aquatic vegetation, both in the lake itself and surrounding streams and tributaries. The Yellow Rainbowfish have striking colors and males having an intense yellow color that make for a stunning collector fish. This peaceful fish is a schooling fish that should be kept in a well-planted aquarium w plenty of swimming room. A dark gravel substrate may intensify the colors of the fish. Although these Rainbows have large mouths, their throats are narrow so foods should be small in size. These are omnivores and the diet should include flake, frozen, and live foods.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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