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Acanthicus Adonis Pleco L155 Polka Dot Lyretail Pleco



Native to: Rio Tocantins at Cametá, Brazil
Max Size: up to 36″ in wild

This gorgeous and rare pitch black pleco is quite slender in relation to it’s body length. Although they may appear to be delivate when young, as they grow up, they become much more robust. Small specimens have spots over the whole body. Spots may become relatively smaller and fewer in number with growth. Adults can grow pectoral fins in excess of 15 cm in length giving a remarkable look! Acanthicus adonis is distinguished by having a more pointy vs. rounded snoutolor differences. This is not a dwarf pleco, but considered a larger species and a superb display fish for large aquariums or public aquaria. This is a very easy fish to grow and NOT difficult to care for at all!

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