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Moss - Anchor Moss Taxiphyllum




Another compact growing moss is the Anchor Moss that makes an appearance in many different aquariums. Although Xmas moss is a more popular choice for creating a ‘tree’, anchor moss provides a much more realistic look with its compact growth.This is an extremely dense, slow growing moss. With regular pruning this moss can be an excellent carpeting plant. This anchor moss is truly a great add-on to any aquarium due to its unique style.


Anchor Moss plant on a Mat has been grown on coconut fiber.  The dimensions of the mat are approximately 2.5″ x 4.5″.  The bright and often vibrant greens in this anchor moss make it one of our finest products.  The fish you have will love you for adding this to their home.  Arizona Aquatic Gardens is your home for the newest trends in the aquatic industry.  Please check out our specials for additional opportunities to both save money and build your dream setup!

1 portion is sold = about 1 tablespoon

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