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Aquatic Banana Aquarium Plant



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Aquatic Banana Aquarium Plant

Banana lily, Big floating heart, Nymphoides aquatica

Native to North America, the Aquatic Banana Aquarium Plant (named for its banana-shaped roots), also known as the Banana Lily or Big Floating Heart, is the perfect plant for aquarists of any level, as it is an easy aquatic plant to grow and maintain. Requirements include any light.

This aquarium plant does well in just about any water condition! If you’re looking for the perfect startup plant for your aquarium, you cant go wrong with Aquatic Banana plants.

These small plants take up very little space in the aquarium, while offering habitat for your inhabitants, and beauty for your tank while it soaks up extra nitrogen and nutrients to help balance your eco-system naturally.  Traditionally folks plant this the foreground but here’s some ideas… can also plant next to rocks, stones, driftwood, etc to compliment your habitat, plant in groups for creating more refuge for your fish, toss a handful into your betta or goldfish bowl. These little banana plants sink instantly, and will send up small lily pad-like leaves that can be trimmed without harming the banana plant if you don’t want them to get too tall. Great for use in ponds, nice shallow plants will create 2″ lily-like leaves that will shelter your baby frye in the pond so this plant provides protection from natural predators.

These plants used to be readily available but now these are a rarity! Times have changed and this plant is hard to find now!

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