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Archer Fish – Toxotes jaculatrix



Archer Fish
Toxotes jaculatrix

aka: Bander Archer Fish

Temp: 68-82° F
KH 9-19
pH 7.0-8.0
Max. Size 12″
Native to: Asia
Family: Toxotidae

The Archer Fish is an omnivore and comes from small rivers and streams across Asia. Archers have a triangular shaped body that is primarily silver in color with many elongated spots on the side of these fish, as well as black and yellow markings on the dorsal and anal fins. Very cool! These fish have the remarkable ability to spit water at insects above the water, with amazing accuracy. Even Cooler! And even more remarkable is the ability to compensate for the visual distortion that the water’s surface causes! It is reported that these fish can spit at a target as far as 5 feet away!

Offer plenty of plants giving them plenty of swimming room at the top of the aquarium. Also, it is ideal to keep the water level of the aquarium a few inches below the top giving them room to practice their hunting. These fish prosper well in EITHER fresh or brackish water.

Little success has been had with breeding these species in captivity.

Feed your Archer Fish a variety of meaty items including live insects, mealworms, and freeze dried plankton. Best tank mates include: Puffers, Scats, Monos, other Archers, and other Brackish water fish.

Appx Shipping Size: 2″ to 3″

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