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Winter Hardy Pond Marginal Bog Plant – Arrow Arum or Peltandra Virginica



Peltandra virginica

aka: Water Arum

Origin: North America
Height: Vertical to 24” with 24” spread
Water depth: 0-6” over the soil
Light: Full to partial sun
Bloom: Summer
Flower color: White / green
Hardiness: Zones 5-9

Beautiful glossy green, “arrowhead-shaped” leaves that form and stay in a tight clump make this plant a standout! A bold strong growing accent plant for the ponds edge. Flower is a small white spike with a green “hood”, very interesting though typically shrouded in the foliage.

Minimum quantity for “Arrow Arum or Peltandra virginica Bog Plant” is 6.

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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