Assorted Natural Brown Discus Mix

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About 20 years ago the Brown discus was the most commonly kept discus in the aquarium hobby, which gave this fish its original pseudonym of the Common discus. In nature it is found mainly eastwards from Manaus through Santarem to Belem in the principal rivers and their feeder streams in South America.  In certain areas of the Amazon River, specimens of the Brown Discus have been found with more red pigmentation than in the standard Brown. These days Common discus are anything but common, having made way for all of the tank bred varieties we have today. In Germany, Brown Discus are making quite a comeback as these specimens are sought after for crossbreeding in pursuit of the Tomato Red discus. Getting back to basics and enjoying these more natural colored discus, or using them for fresh bloodlines can be your opportunity at a very affordable price, for a limited time.

Shipping size currently around 1.5″+(4.2cm)

At these prices, we aks that you order no less than 3.  THANK YOU!

We’ve found that using New Life Spectrum Ultra Red fish food will greatly enhance and improve the color on these fish significantly, naturally without hormones. See Related Items below to add to your order now!

Minimum quantity for “Assorted Brown Discus Mix” is 3.

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