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Badis Cichlid – Buxar Badis

Badis sp. “Buxar”
Origin: Buxar; India
Max Size: 2.3 inch males, 1.9 inch females

Water: Tap water will be fine as long as the pH isn’t too high (7-8 will do) and that goes for the dGH as well. No experiments have been conducted yet regarding the temperature though 69-75 degrees is sure appreciated. Advised is not to set heater beyond 78 degrees. Clean water from good filtration and aquatic plants a must.

This is a non-aggressive fish that will do well in a community tank that is not too hot (wont work in Discus tanks). Their tank should be densely planted and decorated with wood & rocks. One large decoration such as a rock formation per male-or a similar form of shelter and nest site-is intrinsic.

Diet: Not picky eaters. Both frozen and live foods are readily accepted; bloodworm, glassworm, Artemia etc.,