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Labyrinth Fish - Betta, Gourami, Badis, Paradise Fish

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What’s a Labyrinth fish?

ALL Bettas, Gourami, Paradise Fish and even Badis ARE labyrinth fish!

A labyrinth is an organ attached to these fish in order to let them survive in water where oxygen volume is low. This organ allows them to breathe air from the surface of water. The labyrinth helps them in their survival in low oxygen ponds/tank.

These fish not only breathe underwater with their gills, but they can also breathe “our” air by coming to the surface of the water to gulp oxygen. That is why most labyrinth fish dwell around the surface of the water, thus making them fantastic surface feeders that will remove larvae or other bugs that may land on the top of the water. There are at least 6 dozen types (72 species) of labyrinth fish varieties! Labyrinth fish can be found in standing & slow-moving water in shallow areas of marshes, canals, ponds, & rice patties in Asia; China, Korea, Taiwan, South Vietnam, Okinawa (Japan) & Ryukyu islands.

The typical water chemistry for most labyrinth fish is:
pH: 6-8 (7.0 ideal)
dH: 4-30 (12 ideal)
Temp: 59-79°F

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