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Beneficial Bacteria - Renew Pond & Lake All-Natural Muck Tablets



Renew Pond & Lake

All-Natural Muck Tablets
Specially-formulated Tablets to Clear Pond Bottom Muck


Best Suited & Safe for all Zoological Aquatic Exhibits, Livestock & Exotic Animal Water Troughs. Garden Ponds, Fishing Ponds,  Fountains, Retention Ponds, Koi ponds, Water Gardens, Farm Ponds, Golf course Ponds, Pass-thru Ponds.


We’ve all felt it on our feet. Sludge, muck – it goes by many names and can form from many sources, but it’s a reality for nearly every pond. Whether you have a small backyard fish pond with accumulating fish waste, or you have an older pond with years of leaf and aquatic plant decomposition occurring on the pond bottom, muck isn’t just uncomfortable – it’s harmful for your pond. Muck can be a source of odors, a decaying contributor to ammonia levels, and a food source for parasites.

Our all-natural tablets have been designed to target this muck. As a slow-release tablet, the beneficial bacteria contained in the product are targeted directly at the pond bottom. Plus, the 6 strains used in this all-natural product have been developed in conjunction with our team of experts from the fields of commercial aquaculture and crop science to bring the best results to your pond or lake.

Key Benefits:

-Reduce the muck layer on your pond bottom
-Delay dredging costs
-Create a healthier ecosystem for fish

Best Suited for:

-Swimming ponds
-Stocking ponds
-Recreational lakes
-Farm Ponds

Dosing Specs



Use 10 tablets for every 1000 gallons of pond water every 2 weeks, or double the dose and treat 1-time monthly, but more frequent dosing is better!

Choose from 2 convenient sizes:

2.2lb Jar (333 (3g) tablets)
24lb Pail (3663 (3g) tablets)

Additional information

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2.2lb (333 3g tablets), 24lb (3663 3g tablets)