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Pond Additives & Supplements

So much Algae! So little time!

So much conflicting information on the internet!

Who do you trust?

Arizona Aquatic Nurseries IS experience! We have been in this industry as professional water consultants since 1987. That’s who you trust! People that get their hands dirty, people that didn’t just read about problematic water issues out of a text book and didn’t experience it fist hand in person, but folks that have 37 years of rock-solid experience! We provide water consulting from everyone from the Federal Government, Home Owner Association Recreational Ponds, to small backyard holes in the ground. Everyone basically has the same issues. We constantly find ourselves saying, “your pond isn’t going to have a magical problem that no one else has”. So if you follow some basic guidelines based on our advice to complete your natural biotope, you will acheive that perfect pond with long term results. There is no overnight fix for a long term solution. Those are called bandaids. You must listen to friends like us, take our advice in it’s entirety and have patience. You are now a few steps closer to being successful with your pond project just by being at our site!

From time to time we all need to battle some kind of algae bloom. Usually during the Summer is when it’s the worst! Green Algae, Hair Algae, Filamentous Algae, etc, they’re ALL terrible, and some can destroy your pond within days after seeing just a small amount growing in it. There are many tricks of the trade to battle these algaes. Our company strives at promoting long term natural solutions and offer pre-planned strategies for these long term results, NOT temporary fixes! If you’re looking for a quick fix, you’ll need to go elsewhere. But remember, a quick fix is only a temporary fix and will end up costing you more money in the long term, Our programs are designed to correct and balance your pond or lake for the long term. A well-balanced pond will always overcome these algae blooms naturally and offer you the results you’ve been looking for.
If you need help setting up a monthly pond maintenance schedule or need pond consulting advice, just call or text us at 520-971-1357. We’re here for you.

Here’s a quick checklist of some items you’ll need to keep your pond healthy:
1. Make sure you are broadcasting Pond Salt 2x annually to keep down algae, kill bad bacteria, and help promote healthy gill function and more!
2. Add Microbial Tabs or bacteria monthly to help grow good bacteria! Beneficial Microbial acteria is VERY IMPORTANT!
3. Add Barley Straw in your waterfall or skimmer to curb algae, replace every 4-6 months!
4. Add the proper quantities of Algae Eating Snails, the correct kinds of Fish to your pond!
5. Are you using a good Fish food to feed your Koi or are you overfeeding your fish? Cheap fish foods usually contain Phosphates, which will encourage MORE algae growth. Phosphates occur naturally in abunfance in ALL bodies of water, so you don’t need to add any more. Our foods are made from all-natural organic ingredients and contain NO Phosphates!
6. Shade your water! In the Summertime, the sun is going to be a large factor in your algae growth. You have a few choices of what you can do. Using either Surface plants or Water Lilies to give you cover naturally, or you may use things like non-harmful beautifying pond water dyes. These will all help reduce algae growth by blocking UV and UVB Rays.


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