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Beneficial Bacteria – AzGardens Pond Restore Bacteria Pouches 500 Billion Strains per gram





THIS PRODUCT WORKS!! science & experience proven! MADE IN THE USA!!!!
Ideal for New Projects even Old Ponds that need help.
Use at Start-up, During Algae Blooms, or during Spring or Summer months
Reduces pond or lake sludge buildup
Eliminates all pond odors
Improves water clarity
Reduces oxygen demand
Eliminates excess nutrients
Effective, Environmentally-friendly, Chemical Free Way to a Cleaner, Clearer Pond!

Bacteria is measured as CFU (Colony Forming Units per gram) These tabs are 500 Billion Strains per gram and ideal for natural solutions on ponds that have been neglected, ponds or lakes that are starting or already turning green, or when there is a lack of beneficial bacteria which is resulting in excess sludge and losses of fish.

Best Suited & Safe for all Zoological Aquatic Exhibits, Livestock & Exotic Animal Water Troughs. Garden Ponds, Fishing Ponds,  Fountains, Retention Ponds, Koi ponds, Water Gardens, Farm Ponds, Golf course Ponds, Pass-thru Ponds.

500 Billion cfu/gram probiotic for your water! Since 1994, AzGardens Pond Restore Bacteria Pouches really are the best! Made in the USA. 100% Natural, Safe for all animals! We toss these dissolvable rice pouches of bacteria once a month into ALL of our livestock troughs, ponds, water features to keep them clean allowing these beneficial microbes to eat the bad bacteria that exists in the water. We use this product on our exotic animals. A trusted product used by private & public zoos for breaking down waste in exhibits that have waste in the water, such as Rhino and Hippo exhibits, flamingo and other waterfowl pools.

1oz pouch treats 1000gallons
8oz pouch treats 8000 gallons

For those that want a long term natural solution to perfect water quality, this is a great start. This product is in some ways similar to our Microbial tabs, however, this product has 5 billions strains of bacteria per gram! (Microbial Bacteria tabs have 600 million) These 5 billion strains are “specific” to pond bacteria which will help you create a perfect eco-system that is environmentally friendly and without the use of harmful chemicals. Perfect for “rejuvenating” old lakes or ponds, and even jump-starting new projects. Pond Rejuvenator pouches dissolve within seconds once they hit the water and also include Barley Straw, as well as added enzymes in each pouch to keep all water features healthy for the long term!

We offer Pond Restore in 2 forms:

Pond Restore 1oz Residential Pouch – ideal for Residential garden ponds, small koi ponds, smaller ornamental ponds under 1/8 of an acre.
One 1oz pouch treats 1000 gallons of water every 2 weeks
Pond Restore 8oz Commercial Pouch – ideal for Commercial applications such as large ponds, lakes, golf courses
One 8oz pouch treats 8000 gallons or 1/8 acre surface area every 2 weeks
Dissolve-able rice pouch) Best used for new ponds, lakes, septic systems, high waste in water, or algaeblooms. Safe & natural Bacteria is critical in sustaining our world. It can assist algaecide treatments at the same time while providing the natural part of algae control as your algaecide kills the algae or weed.  Our Bacteria can establish a powerful leading beneficial bacteria strain to stay on top of the algae food chain.
This is a chemical free solution that takes advantage of billions of microbes & additional enzymes to eliminate algae, excess ammonia & nitrates. Completely safe for use with all wildlife, livestock, domestics & exotics, and all aquatic life tested and used monthly at our own farm since 1994.  The effective and natural way to restore balance to any waterway by creating clearer water, creating balance and restoring harmony.

DOSAGE:  For 1 Acre ponds of avg. depth (4 to 6 feet avg, deep) use 36 pouches (8oz pouches) per month.

SEED YOU BACTERIA COLONY-initially dose your water each week for 8 weeks to establish and seed a colony of beneficial microbes, then just 1 dose per month always after that.  You should use this bacteria at startup, during algae blooms, or during Spring or Summer, and resume using Microbial Water Clarifier Tabs.  Use in addition to Water Clarifier Tablets!

Do NOT stop using bacteria! It is critical for the health of your water and the livestock within it. In addition, you CANNOT overdose beneficial bacteria generally.. There is no such thing! You are always better off using MORE, than too little. Your grandkids will thank you for using microbial bacteria! I had a person tell me, oh I added some bacteria when I started the pond so I’m good.  That’s like saying, Oh I had a bite of yogurt when I was 6, so I have all the probiotics I need for the rest of my life.  lol well of course that is not the case.  We have customers that have been ordering these bacteria from us since 1994 every single month!  Folks that own private or public zoos, golf courses, cheese factories, dairy farms, and lots of pond and lake owners that know and trust in this bacteria.  You are on the right track using this product.

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