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Paradise Fish – Black Paradise Spiketail Gourami Fish


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  • Black Paradise Spiketail Gourami Fish
  • Native to: India
  • Maximum size: 3 inches + tail
  • Temp: 50-90 F

A great little fish, very very hard to find!  They enjoy planted tanks with driftwood and places to hide.  Floating plants are also recommended so these fish can hide.

Males can be kept together in the same tank, providing they have many hiding places because they do chase each other, but do not fight to the point of damage.

pH should be slightly Alkaline to Neutral.

Also , perfect for small water gardens, patio ponds, etc! They are great for eating Mosquitoes, larvae and other flying insects!

This is an easy, hardy fish that will do well in outdoor pools and indoor aquariums.

This is a hard to find fish! Last time we offered Black Paradise was in 2012.  Now in 2021 things are looking good for this species at our farm, so we have them on sale!  Thank you and enjoy!

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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