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Cory - Bronze Lightspot Cory Catfish


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Temp: 73 – 82°C (versatile)
pH 6.5
dH range 2 – 25
max size: around 2″

The Corydoras melanotaenia is native to Colombia. This cory cat is chiefly found in Rio Manacacias, a tributary of the Rio Meta, but has been spotted in other parts of Colombia as well. As with most other Corydoras species, it is easier to achieve spawning if you keep a group containing several males instead of just one male. You can get a group of juveniles and let them grow up together; this way they will do their own pairing. A well planted aquarium is required, and you can use Java ferns & Java mosses. Corydoras melanotaenia can be quite anxious so including a lot of good hiding places is important if you want to breed them. If you wish to trigger spawning, you would increase the temperature a couple degrees for about 2 weeks, then do a 40-50% water change using water colder than 65ºF. A change in pH-value can also trigger spawning, so it is a good idea to use water with a pH-value over 8.0 for the water change (this would likely mean your tapright from the sink for most of us). For example: If you normally keep the water at pH 6.5, the pH-value should be increased to a least 6.9, and so on. Your Corys that are getting ready to breed will display a more pronounced coloration. They will lay eggs in most substrates as well as plant leaves, spawning mops, and even aquarium glass. Eggs will be laid near the surface on occasion, but mostly close to the bottom. Eggs are an ivory color and are about 1 to 1.5 mm.
Food is also an important consideration when trying to trigger Corydoras melanotaenia into spawning. Feed your fish a varied diet of pellets and freeze dried bloodworms.