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Bulk Live-bearer Minnow Fish Packs for Pond Stocking & Live Food Source

These are fun packs of beneficial assorted fish, especially if you like surprises! Live-bearer or Live Bearing Fish in assorted varieties of species! See below!

These packs Include US Farmed assortment of Live-bearing fish such as Variatus, Mollies, Mosquitofish, Guppies, Platys, Swordtails, and other varieties of small surface Minnows. Great for stocking any waterway from Water Troughs, Cattle Ponds, Irrigation Ditches, Ponds, Golf Courses, private lakes, water gardens and more! These are a GREAT mosquito larvae eating group of fish! A very important part of a balanced biotope as well as a healthy natural food source for other predatory fish! Fish come in a variety of different cold hardiness temps. Even if some species dont live over the Winter, at least this is a cheap way to do natural mosquito control and worth every penny during the warmer months and cheap to restock annually as needed to stop airborne illness such as West Nile & Zika. Many species will live in very cold water, Tropical water, and Hot water for those in the desert!

PLANTS! Choose the right plants for these fish below in suggested items. Plants such as Hornwort are ideal cover plants that you can simply “toss” into the water and allow it to grow! This plant will offer refuge for your live-bearers, offer them a place to suirt out their babies, while offering the new baby frye a safe place to escape predators, and allows the new fre to eat the micro-organisms that occur naturall on the leaves. Hornwort will provide not only refuge and shelter for fish, but will help shade any pond or waterway from the sun blocking UV & UVB rays. At night Hornwort will produce O2, while during the day it is taking in gases from tht ewater as it photosynthesizes, pulling these gases out of the water creating a safer place for all aquatic creatures.

FOOD FOR PREDATORY FISH! Live beaeres offer a natural, healthy source of LIVE food for all kinds of aquarium fish too! Such as puffers, pacu, and all cichlids!

Our Live-bearers are sold in assorted colors and these choices may vary throughout the year: Red, Orange, Pineapple, Marble, Dalmatian, Black, Silver & many more. Please do not request specific colors when ordering assortment packs. We will not send you all of 1 color, and do our best to give you a variety. Buy more, you’ll get more colors!
If you need a live fish for feeding predatory aquarium fish, this is the way to go! Grow your own food. Dont buy sick feeders from the Box petstore! Do you know what those fish are fed? How they were cared for? Buy our family-farmed fish that we KNOW 100% what they have been fed, where they came from, etc.

please order no less than 25

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