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Catfish – Dwarf Grasscutter Catfish Schilbe intermedius



Dwarf Grasscutter Catfish
Schilbe intermedius

Now here’s a rare exhibit fish you don’t see offered all the time! Create some intrige with a school of these active mid to bottom-dwellers!

Native to: Africa. Tanzania (United Republic of) Wami River
Size: Max 7 inches
Life expectancy:10 years+
Diet: Omnivore
Temperament: Peaceful
Temp: 64–89°F

The Schilbe intermedius Catfish is an easy to care for freshwater fish that will bring pleasant action to your exhibit especially if you have African Cichlids. These Catfish should be kept in groups as they live in colonies in nature together in Lake Tanganyika basin, so mimic those conditions in Africa for best results. Grasscutter catfish are not common, and are only offered periodically. These are truly an exquisite seciemen to enjoy in your exhibit. Everyone who sees this fish will love them and the sleek swimming style they portray.

photo credit: L. Seegers

Arizona Aquatic Gardens
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