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Winter Hardy Pond Marginal Bog Plant – Cattail (Narrow-Leaf) or Typha angustifolia

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Typha angustifolia

Cattail (Narrow-Leaf) is a perennial herbaceous plant of genus Typha. This cattail is an “obligate wetland” species that is commonly found in the northern hemisphere in brackish locations.

The plant’s leaves are flat, very narrow (¼”-½” wide), and 3′-6′ tall when mature; 12-16 leaves arise from each vegetative shoot.

At maturity, they have distinctive stalks that are about as tall as the leaves; the stalks are topped with brown, fluffy, sausage-shaped flowering heads. The plants have sturdy, rhizomatous roots that can extend 27″ and are typically ¾”-1½” in diameter.

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