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Snail – Substrate Burrower Snail – Chocolate Rabbit Snail



Tylomelania perfecta are endemic to Sulawesi, Indonesia. They are a small, hard substrate dweller. Their shells may mimic rocks or pebbles in the water….until they move! As we say, they’re like earthworms for your aquarium and they WILL NOT eat or harm your plants or root systems at all. They will help release harmful gases that can build up in the substrate, and also eat waste, detritus, and other organic materials. They also eat algae on the glass, and carefully clean fine algae that can grow on plant leaves.

Its shell is usually light brown to gray with a mocha-colored slug. Their diet will play a part in its coloration. These snails are no doubt some of the most beautiful in the world and for this reason that it is probably the most popular aquatic Sulawesi type snails.

They are an active breed, and will respond rapidly to food being added to the aquarium. This type has a reflex of retreating into the shell with light changes. This may happen when turning on or off the tank light. They gained this natural reflex most likely due to evolving to predatory shadows cast overhead in the wild.

This is a viviparous (live-bearing) snail. A female adult will have a two month cycle and gives birth to a single snail encased in a milky-white cyst. This cyst is eaten by the mother snail and baby as well as other snails that come across it; releasing the newborn snail. This species matures very slowly about 10 months to 1 year for a tank bred Chocolate Rabbit Snail to attain a size of about 25 mm.

Use up to 2 per gallon of tank space for effective results! Their size varies but usually about 1.5″ long.

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