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Snail – Algae Eating Tiger Nerite Snail – Red Tiger Lady Nerite



Algae Eating Tiger Nerite Snail – Red Tiger Lady Nerite

While tiger is in their name they may have a spotted look on their shell similar to a “ladybug” or may even have a “baseball stitch” or “tracked” marking on its body, but still the same variety of snail. This is unique to the aquarium hobby. They are easy to keep and are ultra beneficial. They will accept a very versatile water temp and pH.

These little snails are actually about the size of a dime or a marble up to the size of a nickel. Nerites are the best algae eating snail for aquariums in the world, as they DO NOT reproduce in freshwater, but only in brackish or saltwater. They don’t harm plant life and should be stocked at a 1 per gallon ratio.

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